How To Change Your DNS (Domain Nameservers)

How To Change Your DNS (Domain Nameservers)

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How to change your Domain Nameservers in the HostGator Customer Portal. Keep in mind, it does take about 24 to 48 hours for your domain name to update across the web due to propagation.

In This Video You’ll Learn:
Where to Find DNS Settings
Where to Find The Nameserver For Your Domain
How to Configure DNS in HostGator
How to Automatically Point your DNS to Your Hosting Account
How to Manually Point your DNS to Your Hosting Account

Domain propagation, the process of transferring a domain to a new owner, takes some time. You should expect to have to wait around 24 to 48 hours before the full switch is made and your site starts showing up at the new domain. It’s a small setback, but it works that way for a reason.

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20 thoughts on “How To Change Your DNS (Domain Nameservers)

  1. how to get this page

    because I want to make a website and I have just purchased the hosting and I have purchased the domain from Godaddy and how to get the nameservers so I don't know anything

  2. I put the DNS from HostGator into my Domains I have on Google Domains and they are not transferring. It is going on 48-hours. I ask because you make it seem like I must transfer them to HostGator which is not something that you usually have to do, so I just am concerned.

    It says I may have to add the domain to hosting package, then crashes when I click for more info.

    Why would it make me do this other than to hold me hostage for more money?

  3. I did this, and I still have no working site. I've spent hours on chat with various people getting disconnecting, telling me to wait for propogation (it's over a week now), and lots of other nonsense that has left me with a non-functioning site. Still. 🙁

  4. It`s my first time to do the installation of Hostgator and WordPress, I guess I have done mistakes in the installation progress, coz my domain name is reflectin that is pending. couldn't understand the issue, any help, please???

  5. Hi Chuck, this is a great video. Thank you so much. I love Hostgator. Unfortunately Due to covid and finance issues I haave to shift temporarily to namecheap. I wanted to ask if I can use this page ( as described by you) from Hostgator to namecheap ?!

  6. it's been 4 days and sill the URL does not work, the host is Hostgator and also the domain from Hostgator .. can anyone tell me what's the problem and what should I do please !!! I'm stuck

  7. I purchased a new domain 4 days ago but when i follow this tutorial to change my name savers under the domain c panel section i get this message; "Domain Pending: Provisioning in progress." Is there anything i can do at this point?

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