33 thoughts on “How To Add New Websites To Your Hosting Account & Install WordPress

  1. hello there, thanks for this tutorial. All good so far but at the point to get in wordpress I get an error message. Could you help to fix this? "Your server is running PHP version 5.5.38 but WordPress 5.5.1 requires at least 5.6.20"
    thank you

  2. there is a lot of guys teaching this stuff, which is good, but they way you explain it makes everything look so simple and clear. outstanding job my friend.

  3. I have a few questions, and i think only you can answer them.
    Does namecheap still provides "who is" protection for free?
    Can i buy my primary domain from Name cheap and hosting from Bluehost?
    Where do i have to upgrade it every year? On bluehost or namecheap?
    Does Bluehost charge any money to add the domain i bought from name cheap?

  4. it makes it harder for me to understand. I realized im not really a computer savvy when it comes to codes or whatever, hahaha heeeeeelp im still stuck with my webhosting and website building

  5. Hey Adam, thank you so much for this video. I'm on A2 and it took me back to the Softaculous – I believe I clicked on "back up" to set it to do a back up once a day and then it wanted me to save installation details? Wasn't sure if I was to do that or not…thank you! I couldn't do this without your awesome teaching!

  6. I was on my hosting chat asking these exact questions and I realized Hey Adam probably has a video on that!! 🙂 Bless you, thank you and stay healthy!

  7. Hi Adam, if we host 3 WordPress websites on single cpanel how to deal with download speed latency of websites. Coz if I install WPcache or other catching plugin on main website I am unable to install caching plugin on another wordpress websites on that cpanel. Please help out how to deal with this problem.

  8. Hi Adam. Great vid. I would suggest that people DEFINITELY record and keep track of that password – will come in handy should they ever ask a consultant to help them 'un-hack' a site, or to disable a plugin that just caused a white screen … Cheers!

  9. Hi Adam, love your tutorials they are always packed with useful knowledge. Would you be able to do a video on how to add client domain names in SiteGround (that already have WP installed on them), so basically new clients that already have a website up and running that would like to use my hosting plan.

  10. Great video. Just wondering why you advised not to enter a self generated WordPress admin username during the installation for the addon domain. The computer generated username could be hard to remember. Please help clarify. Second, will the addon domain have the same diskspace, bandwidth etc as the main domain?

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