6 thoughts on “How to add Multiple Domains to your one Namecheap Cpanel Shared Hosting | Free SSL and WordPress

  1. Hi thanks for sharing such an amazing video. But my question my website was running fine, and WP was installed too obvious lol . My friend has stopped given me hosting and the error was occurred the same "SORRY CONTACT YOUR WEBHOSTING SERVER" Now I followed your steps to add a domain as a secondary domain in my account…

    After doing everything successfully still website isn't live and facing the same error… how to resolve it?

  2. why u have not created a separate database for it?

    when i was creating a subdomain for my first site, i saw many videos and all of them created a seprate database for the subdomain ,

    now this is not a subdomain but its a separate new domain , should not we need create a separate database for it

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