HOW I started a SUCCESSFUL web hosting BUSINESS with LITTLE money.

HOW I started a SUCCESSFUL web hosting BUSINESS with LITTLE money.

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Looking for a good web host, look no further – How JixHost was started with one guy and $200 to becoming an industry recognized web hosting provider having over 100,000 websites under management. If you enjoyed this video please do not forget to hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button. I don’t want you to miss a thing!

28 thoughts on “HOW I started a SUCCESSFUL web hosting BUSINESS with LITTLE money.

  1. Hi! I just discovered your channel and is giving me the motivation that I need. I just established my own hosting company and created my legal company, however is very difficult to get clients. Still, I am searching for it as I just started. I see a lot of competitors in the market. thanks for your time and videos!

  2. Can you give me an idea of which hosting forums to participate in or which sections of the forums could benefit from expert help in ways that convert into hosting clients? I looked up a list of forums and the couple that I checked seemed to be for already established web hosts.

  3. Thanks sir for sharing your precious adventure and experience! How is it possible to make shared hosts out of a VPS? Does it need Linux coding to share resources or I can do it with a GUI like WHMCS? And last but not least, is a single cPanel installed on the single VPS enough or I have to buy multiple licenses for each host? Thank you in advanced

  4. I can remember my early days when I started my first web hosting business, I was selling reseller hosting from alpha reseller hosting account, and I was able to get lots of money within 2 years to and got able to upgrade into dedicated server. But that's give me real goosebumps and sleepless nights when datacenter suspended my server due to phishing abuse report, and sad fully I had no backups. I lost my reputation, lost clients. Lots of chargebacks & harassing phone calls you know. Then I purchased another dedicated server from another datacenter, and within few months MySQL server got crashed, another pain in my busy life. Lost all databases. That time I realised the importance of account & database limit isolation with CloudLinux OS and having a proper remote backup solution. I sold that business to one of my friend who is good in server management field. And sit back and relaxed for 1 year. Then again started another web hosting company after doing lots of math, tutorial and ofcourse lots of lessons. Now, our business is rapidly growing, scaling up. In this web hosting industry, you will do lots of mistakes, will face lots of goosebumps, but at the end of the day, you will learn something new. So, learn from mistakes. Thanks for reading this comment. Have a sweet night. – Natan.

  5. Hello, Your tutorials are very informative.
    To resell shared hosting I need – reseller webhosting.
    To resell reseller hosting I need – Master reseller Hosting.
    What do I need to start reselling VPS servers and dedicated servers?

  6. Great video and great insight. I am from Malaysia and is interested in starting web hosting business. Is it possible for us to collaborate? I am very tight on budget especially on the Covid19 pandemic. This pandemic has open my eyes to venture into online business which will still go on despite the lockdown anywhere. However I had very limited understanding or knowledge on this subject and since you had the idea of do's and don't of the business, it would be great that we can work together and I dont have to reinvent the wheel.

  7. Great Video! what would you recommend for a scaling web hosting business as far as managing dns for domains. i think the your progression is the natural one from shared to vps to dedicated. If you have a multiple websites and client domains hosted all over the place what would you do for that?

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