Hostinger Review & WordPress Setup Tutorial - Best Cheap Web Host 2020?

Hostinger Review & WordPress Setup Tutorial – Best Cheap Web Host 2020?

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In this review we take an indepth look into Hostinger & I’ll show you how to Install WordPress & Build a website with Hostinger. Get Hostinger up to 90% off: Use Coupon code: HOGANCHUA for additional 10% OFF! (stacks with other promotions)


Initial Review (Pros/Cons) – 00:00
Which Plan Should You Get? – 09:34
Purchase Plan & Enter Promo Code – 14:00
Install WordPress – 15:27
Import Template – 16:26
Add SSL to Website – 18:28
Build Website Using Astra Theme & Elementor Page Builder (Basics) – 20:50
Reset WordPress to Default Settings – 32:40
Setup Email in Hostinger & Connect with Gmail – 34:47
How to get Free Migrations to Hostinger – 38:42

You can use the Hostinger Coupon Code: HOGANCHUA for an additional 10% Off

Website Tutorials

Parallax Website:
Food Ordering Restaurant Website:
Dropshipping Website:
eCommerce Website:
4 Hour Free Website Course (Design, Build & Launch):
Web Design Resources:

Additional Benefits not mentioned but worth noting – You can choose from 4 data centers around the world. This means that you can choose a location closest to your visitors which increase page load times. Not all companies have this – i.e. BlueHost & Hostgator only have data centers in the US. But SiteGround do have 5 🙂 Including Sydney Australia.
Siteground Discount Unlocked:

Create a Free Logo & Favicon for Website:

In conclusion, Hostinger is a reliable, fast & cheap web host that I can recommend. Especially great for those who are a little more DIY, for example – you can do daily backups yourself, don’t need the priority support and want something affordable without sacrificing speed & uptime.

Some negatives is that – It seems like they do offer “live chat”, when they really don’t and you have to pay for it by purchasing “priority support”.

Another negative is if you want to add on a lot of domains and want to install SSL, then you will need to pay an additional. (However, you can try to contact them to generate this for you for free)

And their “H Panel” area is abit slow with the loading, but luckily this is for us and not our customers. For our customers the website loaded really here are fast. Faster than SiteGround from my test.

I do really like how they structure their interface so that you can actually, turn off “Auto Renew” really easily and not hide it (unlike a lot of other companies)

Anyways, I hope this Hostinger review & tutorial helped!

Please note: This page contains affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links or promo code, at no cost to you. This helps support the channel and keep these videos free 🙂

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42 thoughts on “Hostinger Review & WordPress Setup Tutorial – Best Cheap Web Host 2020?

  1. Thank you for this great tutorial Hogan. I have one question though: Hostinger says in their site that they have 7 data centers, but in your video it shows only 4 data centers to choose from, why is that???

  2. Hey Hogan. I got a question mate. I am a beginner and just bought a hosting plan. While getting started I was asked to sign in or create an account and I signed in with my personal Hotmail account. And then I noticed that you created a new account and signed in. So is my personal email account at risk?

  3. Hi! This company hosting can work well for ecommerce site? i'm just using your code to bought 48 months hosting but then i read many bad reviews that is terrible for woocommerce… should i ask for refund :((

  4. Hostinger offered 15 percent for students and when I input the code it's the same discount as the 10% code……. Both price reduced to 172.32 for the business shared hosting.

  5. Hostinger also has a WordPress hosting option. If I can purchase the 'non-Wordpress' hosting plan AND build a website with WordPress, what is the advantage of purchasing the WordPress Hostinger plan?

  6. Yo Hogan, your coupon saved me nearly $30 USD! Thanks man. And Hostinger is the best tech company I've ever had the good fortune to have an account with. Glad you are here and now my website is rockin.

  7. Hi, thanks for the great instructional video!
    I have one issue which I haven't figuered out and it is quite essential. The wordpress toolbar which should be above the website does not show when I go from the dashboard and click view page. It's impossible to work on the site without the toolbar. Can you please help? Thank you!

  8. Hello,thank you for your video first. For Hostinger,I found a problem,their price are quite different between counties。For example,Business Shared Hosting,US,I have to pay $172.32/4years. But in china way,ONLY 879.12 RMB,which is $130.55/4 years。Is anything different between there servers in different countries?For US they use the best(new) servers,but for China they use bad(old) servers?And there speed are different?And also Việt Nam Has the lowest price Business Shared Hosting:about 119 USD/4 years。

  9. very nice guide. although i had a bit of trouble on fully activating https. after i created a wordpress site, it said "site not fully secure".

    after going to whynopadlock dot com, i found out that some images used by wordpress were using http, not https. i had to reset my site using the "wp reset" plugin. after that, i finally got the "connection is secure" notification.

  10. Hello, i followed your tutorial step by step and it was really good . i made my first page but there is a problem . my new work is not being saved. i have clicked publish button every time and followed your tutorial every and each step. i must have done some wrong in setting at the beginning. could you pls help? I'm very new to all this. thanks and very kind regards.

  11. Hi Hogan,

    Please help. I really appreciate your tuturorial videos but am struggling with your hosting recommendations. First you said hostgator, then I think Siteground then Hostinger. I had to leave hostinger because of the support being so slow, then I went to hostgator, and my site is rediculously slow. I just got off the phone with tech support who did nothing for me and said basically there was nothing he could do. So do you still recommend I need a reasonably fast load time (I only have 5 products on the site currently as I'm following your tutorial) and descent support in case I have questions. Thanks!

  12. very detailed and concise video , if you wanna genuinely make a good website and also understand everything from the basics including the emails, watch this video , every min of this video is not wasted , only genuine value provided

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