Hosting Drupal on AWS

Hosting Drupal on AWS

drupal 8 shared hosting

Jonathan “Jack” Franks, Breakthrough Technologies
Mike Wagner, Breakthrough Technologies

Sometimes canned hosting solutions like Acquia and Pantheon aren’t enough. Maybe you need a specific version of an external service (like a version of Solr that isn’t so ancient!). Maybe your project has major seasonable scalability issues. Maybe your organization hosts all of its other applications on AWS and DevOps isn’t comfortable with adding another external cloud host. There are lots of reasons why hosting on AWS is a good idea.

It can be hard to find good documentation on most of the services AWS provides. The landscape changes frequently and some of the concepts aren’t very accessible. There aren’t a lot of examples or walk-throughs out there, so we’ll show you how Breakthrough manages our AWS Drupal instances.

We’ll demonstrate our complete project pipeline from creating a fresh Drupal project; managing settings, content, and CMI for multiple environments; AWS EC2 and RDS setup; AWS features such as high available servers and managed services; through production deployment and scaling on demand.

Having a familiarity with composer-based workflow and basic DevOps knowledge will be helpful but we’ll try to make it understandable and accessible for newcomers and helpful and enlightening for experienced attendees. Hopefully, you’ll learn some new tips and approaches to get your AWS Drupal instance running smoothly.

Jonathan “Jack” Franks
Senior software developer @ Breakthrough Technologies
Mike Wagner
Sr DevOps Engineer @ Breakthrough Technologies

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