HostGator to SiteGround Migration - Transfer Your WordPress Blog 2020!

HostGator to SiteGround Migration – Transfer Your WordPress Blog 2020!

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Today we’ll learn how to migrate all your WordPress files from HostGator cPanel to SiteGround, and also setup a new SiteGround hosting plan. Hope you enjoy it! Let’s be friends on Instagram – @narayguy

About SiteGround: SiteGround is the #2 recommended web host by themselves and consistently tests #1 for page speed which can increase your Google rankings a ton! Hence migrating from GoDaddy (one of the slower web host) to SiteGround is a really great idea! This premium web host gives you a free SSL, free Cloudflare CDN, and tons of free WordPress themes from their Starter kit to make migrating to SiteGround highly worth it in 2020. I’ve moved several websites and blogs for clients who depend on WordPress to make a living, so we’ve gone through all the steps successfully before! Checkout our SiteGround discounts:

Learn the steps covered here:
1. Login to HostGator website cPanel
2. Add SG migrator plugin to old website
3. Get a new SiteGround Startup Plan (cheapest plan)
4. Tell them you already own your domain
5. Setup a new site in SiteGround
6. Choose the superfast automigration
7. Enter in your token
8. Let it migrate!
9. Change nameservers on your domain
10. All done!

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7 thoughts on “HostGator to SiteGround Migration – Transfer Your WordPress Blog 2020!

  1. Hey Greg, I followed your advice but when I migrated with the token it did not complete. There was a "Critical Transfer Error" They linked an article to assist which is

    I tried to follow but when I went to my file manager in siteground to go to my website's wp-config.php it was not there. All that is being displayed is "public_html" folder. Could you please help out with this problem! I wanted to add in that recommended code but the wp-config.php is no where to be found.

  2. Nice video there, thanks! I just purchased the Go Big plan and unfortunattely there was no free professional migration option there. Only the plugin version was available for free. Did you know that they canceled that option? Thanks in advance. Cs

  3. Hi Greg, thank you so much for an awesome tutorials like this! I just have one question; should I migrate each website from my subdomains or they gonna migrate automatically with my domain and website on my domain name? Wish you nothing but the best!

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