Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Review 2017

Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Review 2017

shared web server

A Shared Web Hosting Review of Hostgator 2017.

Where 2 Host brings you a shared web hosting review of Hostgator.

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This is a review from our Shared Web Hosting Reviews series where we review all the different web hosting companies so that you don’t have to. This way you can decide for yourself what is the best web hosting company for you.
You get to see first hand what each hosting company has to offer. Helping you make an informed decision on whether this hosting company is really the cheapest web hosting option or if it is really the top web hosting company for your specific needs.

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3 thoughts on “Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Review 2017

  1. Your issues with caching here have nothing to do with the host. Static image and CSS caching is taken care of by your web browser. The hole point of this type of caching is to do it client side to minimize how much data has to be downloaded from the server, speeding up page load times. Other caching like preprocessed templates and such is done by Word Press or whatever else you might use. Delete your browsing history and your next page load will be similar to your first load.
    A web host should absolutely not take it upon themselves to implement schemes for caching content. Imagine all the support tickets they'd get about websites that don't seem to update when they're supposed to, scripts that break, etc. This control must not be taken away from the scripts themselves.

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