21 thoughts on “Host Name : How to configure multiple sites in IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012

  1. Hi Sachin,
    what's my issue is i have 3 websites on iis each with different names , then I mapped first one with a domain name says '123.co.uk' and it is working fine locally and outside as well, now what i need to do is mapped second website with another domain example '12-3.co.uk' when I do so my first mapping got disturbed. so how can i map this one so both are working fine. !

  2. Do you have a video explaining how to redirect one of your sites to an internal IP address? For instance, I have a site running on IIS and I have another site running internally that is accessed by an IP address. I would like sub1.domain.com to go to my IIS hosted site and sub2.domain.com to redirect to my internal site.

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