Host and Co-Host Administrative Controls in Zoom Online Conference

Host and Co-Host Administrative Controls in Zoom Online Conference

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Administrative controls in Zoom online conference allow you to do many useful things. Lock the meeting to minimize disruption, turn your waiting room on and off, quick change views, prevent screen share from getting out of control, and do many more things by memorizing a few super useful hot key shortcuts. This video shows you all of these things. You will get many of your own ideas.

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  1. David thank you for this information. I have a book conversation coming up where there will be 2 main hosts up all the time, but up to a gallery of 40 guests. How would you recommend I switch the view if a "guest" has a question for one of the three and I just want to see that "guest and the host" who is answering. Is that just a matter of them un -muting their audio? Trying to separate them out from the pack when those moments happen. Thank you for answering!

  2. Hi! If I want to be an admin, but I want to be "hidden" is that possible? I essentially want to record an interview between two people, but I don't want my window to be recorded into the video. Thanks!

  3. I am a host for my school's certificate celebration. I will probably have more than 50 people. Can I control the view of the attendees so they see what I want them to see (if someone is talking, I will make them only see the person talking)?

  4. I don't have the Settings icon on my screen. I am using the free education version. A few questions: 1)I see "Make Host" but no "Co-Host" option. 2) I can't find how to separate rooms. 3) Can I do attendance through Zoom? Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my qestions.

  5. I know co-host cannot create breakout rooms, BUT can a co-host jump in and out of breakout rooms like the host can? I am trying to figure this out and am having no luck. Can anyone test this?

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