Home Server Hosting - What Are The Pros & Cons Of Hosting Yourself?

Home Server Hosting – What Are The Pros & Cons Of Hosting Yourself?

shared hosting pros and cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages to hosting a server out of your home? What are the potential benefits and issues that you might need to consider before jumping into this? In this video I will go through the main pros and cons of server hosting out of your house. #homeserver #diyserver #serverhosting #homebusiness

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47 thoughts on “Home Server Hosting – What Are The Pros & Cons Of Hosting Yourself?

  1. Sir, I like your video. I want to ask why you build a data center that requires a lot of money. Is this for web hosting, database server, mail server, file sharing, printer usage for your small company or a hobby?

  2. I have a 100 mbps ⬇️ & 33 mbps ⬆️. And for hardware I have Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB RAM (Actually I can keep it running 24×7). Can I host just my own website which has audio books as content. Please reply sir.

  3. for lite webpages say ur selling to a small bussiness n theyve just got basically a home page with contact details or whatever then raspberrypi's are a good option if u wanted to be super anal about power costs you could invest in a solar panel and charge controller and very easily charge a battery big enough to run for 2-3 days in hours for meer pence

  4. Can you please tell me how much internet speed I need for a single web hosting server?
    is it enough with 30MBPS dedicated bandwidth?
    Cause in my region where I lived this is the fastest speed I can get from my ISP

  5. I'm hosting a 1-page website at home on my home pc. So far so good! I'm just using Windows 10 OneDrive backup to backup everything. It's a simple knife sharpening business and I'm actually making money from it!

  6. I have a startup video sharing streaming co like vimeo. i have a dedicated server from a hosting provider that is $150 a month. thinking of hosting at home. i have a residential 1GB up and 1GB down speed. thinking of going hosting out of home….not sure how the speed will be. is it really that different from a dedicated server vs out of the home? thanks. subbed

  7. Hi LDSreliance
    I am really interested in making a server room at my house and giving it for rent.
    Can you give me a headstart on the basics here.
    Also could use your email and would like to have a conversation with you on this.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Could you please let me know what your internet connection speed is? I’m interested but was wonderring if 400/400 Mbps is good enough or I need the 1000/1000 plan from Verizon fios.

  9. Hi, what you think about: second hand 1U server Supermicro, wich was been used in airconditioned datacenter.

    MB Supermicro X8DTL
    CPU 2x Intel Xeon Quad E5504 2Ghz, 2x 4 Core

    HDD: WD 320GB, WD 750GB
    RAM: 6 x 2 GB DDR3 (KVR1333D3N9K3/6G)
    LAN 2x Intel 82574L 1Gbit

    VGA: Matrox MGA 6200EW 16 MB

    and rails. Just for my own Proxmox.. FOG and maybe Minecraft server later.. All for 127$

  10. m a longtime PC builder since my Pentium 3 needed upgrading and the pentium 4 i bought was junk. been building my own ever since. That being said ive never built or maintained much else.
    If i wanted to started up my own paid chat forums and host the server myself is a NAS unit all that i need?
    if i want to host a chat that only shares pics and text , no video will a high upload speed be as neccessary. im thinking a forum much like any typical computer char foerum is modelled after.

  11. I'm definitely going to be hosting a home server. If for nothing else, it will be a learning experience for me to stack upon the multitude of things I have already learned in different areas.

  12. I am in between decisions if I should take on this task of having my servers at home. I just signed up with Bell for a business account, static IP and an equal Download/ Upload fiber. I have my own web development business for the past 9 years. I have been paying a good amount of hosting fees so far, but next year, my hosting bill will go up to $1500 per year for the most basic plan. One company I have under my umbrella has a heavy email traffic. Redundant traffic. So my Reseller plan is getting tight. I am amidst of just going for hosting from home.

    I don't have a server. I have 2 older computers that I want to change into servers with CentOS. I have 3 additional new computers. 1 PC + 2 laptops. My plan is to manage the hosting from inside Virtualbox servers. Perhaps test with some unimportant domain I have. My worry, of course is being hacked or Dos attack, etc. So far, I found one YouTube video where the person goes step-by-step showing how he sets up linux server with open source Virtual Panel.

    Is there anything you can recommend as to my set-up or the following perhaps new video incentives:
    1) how do you set-up a firewall for your server? (I saw you dedicated a rack just for your firewall?
    2) how to open the ports to the outside world and what to be careful of (step-by-step dummy style) – some people on youtube open these ports recklessly and novice watchers applaud their process because they make it sound so easy.
    3) Also, if you ever used software such as WireShark, perhaps some insight as to how to interpret some of the more essentials.

    You have done a great job with your videos. I skipped the solar paneling for now, but I have been marathon watching your videos.
    Thank you!

  13. I thought of the power outage have a four point back up location just need the servers for all four locations its a family network of geeks in my family also make a deal with a creator or two i know. Not only can get my servers out but get my art work done as well

  14. I host a file server at home for my development projects (mostly hobbies), and part of my favorite part is actually the frustration and challenge. For some reason it really motivates me to keep going.

  15. Good info. If clients know about the situation then the risk is not all yours and only then it's doable. I guess less cost for the clients -> less risk for you…

  16. Being a virtualization specialist on various platforms I actually have a home self hosted setup so I can experiment (sandbox) all the technologies. I am in full agreement on the points as stated in the video, my biggest issue is electrical……

  17. If your going to start a hosting company then don't place the gear at home.  Rent a 4U-10U-Half Rack or full rack at a co-location facility.  It is going to cost a good chunk of change but it covers power, commercial Internet and facility security.  You also likely get a chunk of public IPs.

  18. I used to host servers at home when i was younger, now i don't care and i just want the stuff to work. I primarily use cloud services like google drive, but if i'd want to host something, i'd rather get a VPS at some hosting company, maybe something with VSphere.

    Nothing wrong with hosting it yourself, but if you get tired of doing it, you can always pay someone else to do it.

  19. A home server not connected to the internet has one real value: no hackers. I have been a FileMaker database consultant for about 30 years beginning back in the cave man era of Apple. I set up many in house servers before the Internet. I have also taken FileMaker off of internet servers and set up in house server and the clients were amazed at the speed difference. Of course I am now using a 125 Mb connection versus the old and slow ones of the past. And there are much faster available.

    Of course a FileMaker server is not the same as a web hosting computer although it can handle 125 connections which FileMaker is making very expensive.

    That being said, this is a very informative tube and should get more attention. Thumbs up.

  20. I'm a retired Network Engineer. I do NOT recommend home hosting unless it's a hobby. I don't care how smart someone thinks they are do NOT host customers. The liability in this is astronomical. Now, if it's your hobby website, maybe your churches site. That may be fine. But other than that, 500 dollar machine and a fiber connection does NOT make someone a ISP or Hosting company.

  21. These are good points. Same goes for a business doing on premises servers versus having everything hosted on AWS or somewhere else. As someone who has been in IT for more than 20 years, I hosted for things like web servers that are "easy" for someone else to host. They have people (and redundant power) to do all of this cheap. However, for custom applications including Active Directory, I think it makes sense to keep the server and the professional "in-house". Great video, especially #5 learning

  22. You bring up a lot of great points. Lots of moving parts to this topic. The ISP problem is huge for me. We have no access to Verizon or Google fiber. I haven't checked out Spectrum business pricing. I would like to get a server just to educate myself. I want to work with a small SAN (with HBA? or SAS?) and even hook up a tape drive for offsite backups. Until I can afford that, I'll probably put Ubuntu on a PC with a bunch of disks and use it for a server/backup machine. I would also like to get NextCloud setup.

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