Godaddy Web Hosting Review

Godaddy Web Hosting Review

is shared hosting bad

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31 thoughts on “Godaddy Web Hosting Review

  1. Yeah, I have been stating that loading times for GoDaddy performance is very lacking for 3 years now.  They even started using CloudLinux and cPanel but it's still horrible.  Good stats on tolerance levels.  I wasn't aware that they had a threshold on their service!  WOW!

  2. Not from what I've heard, you will see some recommendations for web hosts in the bottom right hand corner of my homepage. Remember, questions can also be asked at the Google+ community pcmtechhelp[dot]com/community where you will get a more prompt response from fellow YouTubers and subscribers 🙂 Hope this helps.

  3. Meh, not really. If you get further questions, you should become a PCM Techie, it's free. You get better support, free downloads, access too all the videos and personal consultations from me. You can get there at my website.

  4. thanks man i was just about to godaddy for my web host etc but i thought let me try
    to find out some more info about godaddy first and i saw your video!
    thank you for keeping me from making a huge mistake!

  5. amazing review. all i can say is that i learned now a big lesson by purchasing the services from go daddy. now i will review before i purchase any product or services. Thanks a million PCMichiana.

  6. Yeah… I that's what you get with someone who spends more money on superbowl ads than their actual infrastructure (just guessing of course).

    I'd tell you which host I use, but then it would just get oversold. 😛

  7. Godaddy killed my website. I have been with them for 2 years now and recently my site came to a crawl. I called every other day for a month and never had the problem resolved. Emails to supervisors basically got blown off and I lost a lot of money. Save yoursel. I posted a video of the performance on andypliska channel. I am moving to hostgator and I hope things will get better. Thanks for this video. It was very informative.

  8. i have a html web site and i need to find a web hosting site that is good and eazy to use and can use the html
    if you could send me a link to one that would be great thanks
    (im 15 and it to be eazy to use)

  9. Users should just know by visiting the site. It looks like a scam. Ive had multiple clients that have their domains parked at godaddy and have had to move them over to other hosts like Yahoo. PHP on Yahoo works great! So glad you put up a review, DAMN YOU GODADDY!

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