Fujitsu Primergy iRMC S5 on a RX2540 M4 Overview - 770

Fujitsu Primergy iRMC S5 on a RX2540 M4 Overview – 770

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Powering On the Fujitsu RX2540 M4. We have a little look ar the UEFI and a long look at the iRMC, which is the “integrated Remote Management Controller”.

More info on Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX2540 M4:

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28 thoughts on “Fujitsu Primergy iRMC S5 on a RX2540 M4 Overview – 770

  1. I have the same server. Could you please tell me if there an option to change the FAN speed. It seems for me, that they are working at the maximum speed now (24000rpm)

  2. Hi there again. Can you please help me? My TX-1330 M4 (tower) won't recognise the two 1TB HDs in RAID mode but if I choose AHCI the HDs show up working fine. I've tried to launch the utility to create a RAID array but with no sucess (I've tried the keys showned in other tutorials like CTRL+R, CTRL+H, CTRL+M, even HOME key but nothing happens)…I tested the installation of Windows Server 2019 Standart in AHCI and i suceeded, but I really want to have RAID 1 (or 5 for future additions) so I can have a mirrored HD…I really don't know what am I missing here…

  3. Thx for the video, it's my first time on a Fujitsu server and I didn't knew the remote management tools, but thanks to your videos I now am sucessufuly configuring a TX-1330 M4 server with iRMC S5 (I'm also having some issues with the RAID drivers, tried to install them through the Windows Server 2019 setup but it didn't worked, I will see if through here it will work ok). Congrats for the excelent videos!

  4. Morten, also for installation I recommend you to use first the cd provide by Fujitsu to preload and configure the server, IRMC, etc. Then it will ask you to insert windows cd to continue installation and will auto configure windows installation by using information you provided in first cd setup. When Windows is installed you could find the tools already installed to provide a better fusion with hardware and better ma'agement (raid manager, iRMC manager, etc). Very useful and something I really loved with Fujitsu servers

  5. Hi Morten, for iRMC you can connect only the first cable you connected in your video because it's a shared one. But better to use the dedicated port when there is one for this purpose 😉

  6. You can force the iRMC Video Redirection to use HTML5 if you don't want to use java and I would recommend this to anybody using iRMC in recent versions… Works great on all Fujitsu Servers I have worked with so far.

  7. It may look like a BIOS, but it really is a UEFI. The American Megatrends stuff hasn't been changed much in appearance, my 2015 Asus laptop looks about the same inside of its UEFI.

  8. Intel VROC – Virtual Raid on CPU is a raid dediated for NVMe drives.
    Other than that that Fujitsu is not really that exiting. I had talk with Fujitsu some time ago and we was thinking of buying that but i'm glad i didn't We use Dell R730XD.
    Now if i'd was buying server i'd definitely buy something with AMD EPYC CPU 🙂

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