Fixing Website Contact Forms Using MX Entry in cPanel

Fixing Website Contact Forms Using MX Entry in cPanel

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Contact forms are the lifeblood of many businesses, and when one isn’t working the way it should, particularly during the design process, it can be easy to point fingers at your developer, your website’s code, or your email provider.

What if I told you there’s a setting in your cPanel that could be the cause, and that you can often use it to fix the issue yourself in two minutes?

Today’s video covers that cPanel setting, better known as MX Entry. In addition to discussing what each option means, we also discuss the dangers of using cPanel as your primary business email solution, and the risks you take for your business by trying to save a few bucks with it.

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2 thoughts on “Fixing Website Contact Forms Using MX Entry in cPanel

  1. All I was seeking coming here was trying to get my form on cPanel to actually deliver contacts e-mail messages to my e-mail address. Godaddy not helping. How do I configure cPanel (or whatever) to get my messages? I am an old guy, with limitations in this tech scenario. In the old days, my tiny site was on a Deluxe Windows Hosting with Godaddy, and there they had a hidden file called Webformailer.php that did the trick, without us doing any coding or even thinking. Just doing the form, and setting <form action = "/webformailer.php". That was it. Then, old clients (like me) were moved to cPanel and Godaddy abandoned us… I was hoping you had a solution in your video.

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