FastComet cPanel Tutorial [2020]

FastComet cPanel Tutorial [2020]

fastcomet shared hosting

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In this video, I give you a tutorial of FastComet and cPanel.

Intro 00:00
cPanel overview 1:39
Domains 3:13
WordPress Installation 6:12
DNS Zone Editor 10:47
File Manager 11:36
Change PHP Version 22:12
Backups/Restore 23:00
Email Accounts and Forwarders 26:29
SSL Certificates 31:31
CloudFlare Integration 32:57

5 thoughts on “FastComet cPanel Tutorial [2020]

  1. Hey Ed, thanks for the info! Question, in your opinion, would it be best to set Cloudfare's "Browser Cache Expiration" to 1 year?

    I understand how it helps visitors load the page faster by storing temporary files,
    but what extra resources would my site be using?

    I'm new to many of these concepts and I'm trying to get the hang of it to be honest :p

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