Easywp Namecheap Hosting Review   Not Recommended Very Poor Support

Easywp Namecheap Hosting Review Not Recommended Very Poor Support

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My honest review of Namecheap easywp hosting after using for 3-4 days. I have shared my experience of bad customer support and very slow and laggy interface.

My recommended hosting for wordpress – Buy Hosting

I would not recommend this hosting to anyone. Their supersonic cdn is also not very good and you can my watch my full review to see why I don’t recommend easywp to beginners.

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14 thoughts on “Easywp Namecheap Hosting Review Not Recommended Very Poor Support

  1. The only thing good about the cdn from namecheap is that namecheaps network is just ridiculously smooth, But their limits is what makes it hard to really like namecheap

  2. Don’t deal with Namecheap. Through the use of Bitcoin and WhoisGuard criminals and spammers can hide behind this secrecy for illegal purposes. Also, reviews suggest that they do not act when people report and bring these abuses to their attention.

  3. Easy Wp Is the best I've seen so far. I think you just need a few pointers. I can show you how to get SSL for EasyWp and control it better. There are not bad I have 12 websites in my Easywp no problems so far.

  4. Hi I'm new to these things. Do I have to buy a plan from the actual WordPress site (which is more expensive)?

    Or can I just buy a domain name and add in EasyWP to the cart? (Or in any domain name registrar)

    Are they the same?

  5. I m another victim of easy wp. But i m very thankful to them coz, easy wp is not easy. It is more difficult than u think. Its very complicated after the website published. So u have to learn every thing about hosting, database, ftp clint etc. With out learning these things may be its not possible to run ur website in easy wp. Thank u namecheap. I was lazy & looking for a easy solution for my website but they teach me looking for easy way not a good decision. Wise advise, if u r a beginer never ever go with easy wp with namecheap.

  6. I respect your opinion about this, i think it's best only if we buy it for Rs. 2 /month (the trial pack) it's best only for rs. 2, not a single rupee more than that….haha

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