Dreamhost Review: Are The Cheap Plans Worth It? [2020]

Dreamhost Review: Are The Cheap Plans Worth It? [2020]

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I’ll focus this Dreamhost review on their Unlimited Shared web hosting plans. Is the low price worth considering or are you sacrificing performance?
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As this Dreamhost review shows, Dreamhost is a cheap web hosting provider that’s offering competitive performance, easy to use, and intuitive dashboard and plenty of features. Dreamhost updates their platform often and provides new features for you to try. In my opinion, Dreamhost is one of the most user-focused companies that you won’t be disappointed by.

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00:20 – Pricing
1:43 – Control Panel & Features
5:25 – Performance
9:50 – Advantages
11:34 – Disadvantages
13:08 – Recommendation

In my last Dreamhost review, I’ve talked more about their Managed WordPress hosting solution called – Dreampress. This time I’ll focus more on their cheaper solution via the shared web hosting plans. And a 1-year plan with Dreamhost actually only costs around $50 which is amongst the cheapest short term hosting deals you can get anywhere. However, Dreamhost does increase the price after the first purchase upon renewal.

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During my time using their web hosting services to write and film this Dreamhost review I’ve noticed that they’re experimenting with a new control panel that’s supposed to make using their services easier and faster. However, since it’s still new and “work in progress” I’ve noticed there are several bugs or glitches that tend to happen. Especially with the automatic WordPress installation that they’re offering.

Here’s the interesting bit, even though Dreamhost offers cheap plans, they’re very fast and stable. Just like in my last Dreamhost review, this year I was surprised by how good of a service Dreamhost manages to offer for a low price. I’ve used 3 different tools to test out the speed, stability, and ability to handle users and Dreamhost excelled in all 3 categories with a plan that’s just $2.59 per month.

By far the biggest advantage that Dreamhost is offering is their free migration plugin. If you have a website hosted somewhere else you can easily transfer it to DreamHost at no cost. At the same time, you can take advantage of a free SSL certificate and monthly pricing for their plans. While most web hosting providers want you to commit for at least a year. Dreamhost allows you to buy relatively cheap monthly plans.

As my DreamHost review showcased in 2020 they don’t really have any unique disadvantages, they’re more plagued by the same downfalls as most other web hosting companies. Mainly, poor or limited support and the increase in price after your initial plan expires and it’s time to renew. At the same time, I guess they’re “beta version” control panel sometimes doesn’t do exactly what you want for it to do.

I recommend DreamHost for people that are looking for short-term hosting for small to mid-sized websites (if you’re getting their shared web hosting plans). Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with DreamHost, and they’re very user-focused, always improving and adapting their service for the best possible performance.

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I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any hosting provider. This means I might make money when you purchase hosting services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. All of my opinions on this channel are always my own!

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  1. Hey Emit. Thank you for these videos. After watching several of your reviews I went with Interserver and could not be happier. They have been great. I used your link to sign up. You provide a great service. Keep the videos coming!

  2. Hey, Emit! big fan of your channel. I was wondering if you had any experience with squarespace? i made a blog on there and i love the way it turned out however i found out that i don't own it. I made a blog using hostringer with wordpress but im so lost…. can you get paid and add ads using squarespace? what's the downside? also any tips on getting better with wordpress? im so lost!

  3. Will I be able to transfer my WordPress website from DreamHost to another provider at the end of the plan period? So for instance, if I host a WordPress website with DreamHost for 1 year and then want to transfer it to BlueHost or SiteGround, would that be possible? Do providers make it difficult to transfer/migrate sites at the time of renewal or transfer? Please advice.

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