Does the Web Hosting Country Affect SEO?

Does the Web Hosting Country Affect SEO?

does shared hosting affect seo

SEO question: “Does the country where my server is make a difference for SEO? If I’m targeting international customers, where should my hosting data center be based? I made a change from one host to another, and it seemed to have a positive effect on my rankings.”

We look a several reasons why hosting selection is important, particularly if you are targeting a specific country, or international customers for SEO. We look at how you can find out where your site is being hosted (what country the server is located in).

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6 thoughts on “Does the Web Hosting Country Affect SEO?

  1. hey buddy, this video was informative and so i think you can solve my queries well..
    I m depending on my blogs for money… and i m using shared hosting.. its a local but so cheaper…
    my blogs get 500 views per day and i think my web pages are full onpage optimized.. but when i check on page speed then it shows 4-5 seconds … i definitely blame here to the server… What if i go with bluehost or host gator or other fastest shared hosting, i know it will boost my web load time but would it do else to better on search engine page results?
    Iwant to change my website hosting and now i get two things, "shared hostings are slower coz it shared the cpu with other sites" and "cloud hostinf and vps are better enough then shared hosting"…

  2. Does buying a domain name from a specific provider based in the US will be better than other countries? Will it matter if I buy my domain from bigrock instead of godaddy or hostgator? Please anyone can answer. Thanks

  3. thanks, dear john for the upload.

    So does it mean, if the server is a country with high bandwidth in general, it happens to be a boost in loading from data?
    I mean, I have a 16 Mb speed, but I use a few apps that their data download is very slow, i.e for downloading a 100 kb photo I need to wait 5 seconds or more. does this also rely on the server country?

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