Does Hosting Affect SEO - Get Your Answer Here

Does Hosting Affect SEO – Get Your Answer Here

does shared hosting affect seo

Does hosting affect SEO? Read my full in depth blog post here:

Ranking in Google consists of many different ranking signals. Google has not included hosting as 1 of the many different signals on the list, so hosting clearly does not impact SEO, right?

Not so fast!

As I mention above and in the video, ranking in Google consists of many different things, and Google likes to call them signals. Yes, hosting is not on the list, but things like website speed, site security, uptime and downtime, and server location are all things that DO affect the SEO and these things are 100% impacted by the hosting you choose.

Having great hosting that accomplishes the things mentioned above will help you get off to a good start when it comes to SEO. They are not guarantees that you will rank, but they do matter and every little thing you can get right means less you have to do OFF SITE to get the rankings you desire.

I mention Siteground hosting in the video . You can read my Siteground hosting review by going here:

Siteground is the best hosting company I have come across, and if you want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to hosting you can’t go wrong here. They have all the bells and whistles you could possible want, and have the BEST customer support I have seen in my time working online.

To learn more about Siteground, check out right now, otherwise be sure to check out the posts in the links above.

Does hosting affect SEO? You bet your ass it does!

Til next time!

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