Do not buy Hosting before watching this - Hostinger Wordpress Performance Review after 1 week

Do not buy Hosting before watching this – Hostinger WordPress Performance Review after 1 week

is shared hosting bad

I bought hostinger hosting about a week ago (see the setup and install video linked below) after some optimization I have managed to achieve great performance results for a very cheap budget wordpress hosting.

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In this video I have detailed performance review about my site hosted on hostinger using page speed test results from various testing sites like google page speed, gtmetrix, webpagetest.

You can see my both sites are getting 90+ or A in all performance testing. By using cloudflare CDN you can even further reduce the stress on your hosting server for free and also get great security.

To contact me – [email protected]

Before buying hosting or for inquiry about optimizing perfomance of your wordpress site you can email me.

How to setup and install wordpress on hostinger –

Free ssl –

All hostinger tutorials playlist-

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7 thoughts on “Do not buy Hosting before watching this – Hostinger WordPress Performance Review after 1 week

  1. Another ad brought to you by Hostinger. Hostinger is the worst. They are cheap but you need to pay more for anything to work. In other words they are scammers. The support services like to give you the run around until you give up because they just want you to go away. You shouldn’t recommend someone because they pay you to. I urge everyone to use someone else. You’ll be glad you did. These tests he’s doing are bullshit to convince to buy these services. Like I said don’t. They can’t even keep track of your username and password. You’ll find yourself not having access to your account for no reason and reset password service is they might get back to you. No automatic reset email. Stay away from these people.

    This reviewer minimizes the bad stuff that he can’t avoid by treating as unimportant. I hope he gets good payback for his bogus review

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