Deploying Laravel Project on Shared Hosting | Laravel RESTful API

Deploying Laravel Project on Shared Hosting | Laravel RESTful API

laravel and shared hosting

We have completed our basic RESTful API Project using Laravel. (You can check it here 👉

Now In this video we will deploy that project to a Shared Hosting.

I am using Hostgator’s Shared Hosting here. If you want to purchase a Shared Hosting, go through this link:

For source code and more details visit this link

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14 thoughts on “Deploying Laravel Project on Shared Hosting | Laravel RESTful API

  1. Nice video. I have some similar project what use bearer token with jwt. In local works fine. But in shared hosting not. I see that in a post the request don't receive authorization with data, always return unauthenticate. Any idea?

  2. Hello Khan , could I pull the updates from Git to the server , You mentioned that we can pull the changes from server but can you detail it a bit.
    thank for the tutorials by the way..

  3. I am getting a problem after deploying my laravel project on hostinger the images are not loading on online server and the error is showing in the console that err_connection_refused

  4. Hello… my name is Ringga, I come from Indonesia. I am very happy with your YouTube content and I want you to make a map tutorial using Uber Api or Google Api … and I hope that you respond to this … I don't understand many tutorials from other broadcasts because of the explanation in making the program … thank you

  5. See you on the other side master, am very much excited, clean architecture, data source, repository, livedata, can't wait, thanks again, and which pattern are you going to use? (MVVM / MVI)

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