Deploy Node.js Apps To Shared Hosting

Deploy Node.js Apps To Shared Hosting

docker on shared hosting

In this episode we are going to deploy Strapi backend from Next.js and Strapi series to the shared #hosting.

Now we are going to take #Strapi backend that we have been building in Making Websites With Next.js And Strapi series, and we are going to publish it on a shared hosting with #cpanel. As you will see, depending on your hosting this may not be the most viable solution. But if nothing else it will be fun to try, and learn something new.

Also I’m going to show you how to redirect port 8080 of your server so that the visitors to your website don’t have to input a port to access your website.

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19 thoughts on “Deploy Node.js Apps To Shared Hosting

  1. I followed your guide as much as I could being that shared hosting sites are different across countries. For instance, the Cpanel I'm currently using doesn't have NodeJS runner, instead I installed node on the terminal, but it uses jailshell.
    The issue I had was that everytime i tried installing the node modules for strapi, the sharp library installation would fail as some of its modules like "libvips" would fail to compile in jailshell. So I cannot complete this process thoughly as I'm limited by the shell, other than that I guess using this sort of shared hosting works with nodeJS as long the npm modules don't need to compile on the target system. If you know a way around that, let me know.

  2. This is a great tutorial. I am following it to work with A2Hosting, but my situation requires deploying a Vue app with Express / MySQL back end (the Node part). On my dev environment I am able to serve the Vue app in production (built) mode by having Express serve Vue as well as the api. I have not yet succeeded with this on A2Hosting. I am following the advice from this tutorial and creating a subdomain.

    If you have advice on this, I would appreciate it!

  3. hey i have some problem i have upload my code to server and thats perfectly run fine but after 2 or 3 days the server automatically stopped and i have to restart it again 🙁 any solution for this?

  4. But how do you deploy the NextJS part to shared hosting with cPanel ? The main problem is that the build of NextJS does not include any startup file that can be used in the 'Node' app settings in cPanel. How do you go around that?

  5. Thanks man I wish have found you earlier, I wanted to deploy ghost on my Cpanel but couldnt but now tis already too late I am on wordpress now but I have saved this video in case I need this in future ever.

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