Deploy Laravel To Shared Hosting The Easy Way

Deploy Laravel To Shared Hosting The Easy Way

laravel and shared hosting

In this video I will show you how to easily deploy a Laravel application to a shared hosting account with InMotion hosting. We will deploy without having to type in one command. Everything will be done via Cpanel and FTP.

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27 thoughts on “Deploy Laravel To Shared Hosting The Easy Way

  1. Thanks for that very helpful tutor.Then, how can we add new packages after first deployment.. I added laravel dompdf on local then uploaded related vendor files and config app for service provider but it didn't work. It gives serviceprovider couldn't found error when I try to open site. Besides I tried to run composer installation by using ssh connection to godaddy shared hosting, at that time it kills process while updating composer.json file..

  2. To deploy faster on a shared host with CPanel, one may upload a compressed file via the File Manager and decompress it from there.Thanks for the good Laravel series.

  3. For those who have problems creating the symlink using the method presented in the video, I suggest you to create a cronjob by going to the Advanced section of the cPanel -> Cron Jobs -> and adding a new one for the following command: ln -s /path/to/target /path/to/shortcut . Just don't forget to delete the job after creating the symlink. If you have SSH then just go ahead and use the same command directly.

  4. Also worth a mention, when transferring files over, make sure all files locally including HIDDEN ones are visible and transferred or else 404 or 500 server error will occur, simple issue that can save you hours of time debugging lol

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