Create your own shared web hosting free

Create your own shared web hosting free

is shared hosting free

This video is a tutorial from start to finish, how you can achieve creating a shared hosting web server at no cost for the software. This video from start to finish allows everyone to host a shared web server on a dedicated computer. More videos attached to this series will be available soon.
This channel will help walk through specifics such as port forwarding, domain registration. Etc,

The operating system used in video is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS which you can find and download the Iso image here.

If you would like to support the channel, at no cost. Please join
TaiWave Social network and create an account! It is a Free Social network with many available features.

You can also message me and communicate through TaiWave for help, how to’s, and many more future ideas and projects.

Very sorry about poor mic quality, my studio mic has shorted out before the making of this video and my backup microphone is not the best. Planning to get a new studio mic soon!

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