Create a High Performance Web Server (CyberPanel/OpenLiteSpeed) for WordPress in 10 minutes

Create a High Performance Web Server (CyberPanel/OpenLiteSpeed) for WordPress in 10 minutes

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33 thoughts on “Create a High Performance Web Server (CyberPanel/OpenLiteSpeed) for WordPress in 10 minutes

  1. Hey!

    Make a video showing how to unlock the maximum performance of a server with this configuration.

    If I install a maximum of 2 sites in cyberpanel, on a server with the same configuration as the one on the video.

    How can I configure PHP and OpenLiteSpeed to use 100% of the server?

    It's not just installing Cyberpanel that everything is configured for better performance, right?

    I get a very good performance at DigitalOcean as Droplet WP + Openlitespeed, but when I try to do the same with Cyberpanel, it doesn't even come close to the performance of WP + OLS.

    For cyberpanel do you need a better machine?

  2. Hello there! As a complete newbie, I installed everything according to your instructions in this video, plus created a WordPress install. It works like a charm, although I have a message in Wordfence that the user.ini is visible which is a critical security issue. How can I solve this the easy way?

  3. It is a big problem to register with Linode. They don't trust anyone so they keep rejecting registration efforts. I've tried 4 times with valid CC, address and all and they keep rejecting my registration. Trash!!

  4. Thank you for this! I guess I am the 100th comment! I have a Dedicated Server with 16GB ram , 8 cores, and 1 TB SSD drive. I am also running cloudflare paid version and have cache optimization plugin for my wordpress.

    Will installing cyberpanel paid version (say $10-17) work to speed up a bit more? Thanks!

  5. Hi Johnny I have installed wordpress using openlitespeed server and I am using google cloud hosting.
    can you please tell me how can I access wordpress files and directory ?
    Thank you,

  6. Hi please help me i cant decide which hosting panel to use aa panel cyber panel centos web panel virtualmin …. i just want a single wordpress site with email

  7. Great video thank you Johnny, do I need to implement security measures like what Chris explained in his video here to secure the web server or it will conflict with CyberPanel.

    Or do I implement the security measures after I install CyberPanel?

    Can you please make a video on how to secure a web server with CyberPanel for production environment

  8. Hi Johnny ! Thank you for this very useful video ! Man ! I will try to move my tea shop woocommerce website ( from Inmotion Hosting shared plan (where I got sometimes a lot of errors 500) to Linode by following exactly what you showed ! Thanks a lot you made my day bro ! I just have a few questions. Is the entry level "Nanode Plan"
    is working ok with LiteSpeed and CyberPanel for a small 2 GB Woocommerce site ? Also, can you tell me why you did'nt choose to "Replace JS/CSS file to JS Delivr"? Thanks again and please excuse my bad english ! 😉

  9. Love the content, it is helping me understand LiteSpeed. I currently pay for a VPS and am wanting to switch to LiteSpeed (was going to test OLS). My one piece of criticism is that the video was almost 18 mins and you didn't have WordPress installed or your SSL cert. although the title suggests you had WordPress completely ready in 10. Anyway, good video, taught me a lot! Thanks!

  10. Hey Johnny, love your videos. I started with runcloud after your other video and moved away from too expensive cloudways. Would you go with Runcloud or Cybepanel as a beginner ? (Yes, i already touched the command line from time to time)

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