Cpanel - Disk Usage Warning & Inodes Problem |How to Reduce or Control [Urdu/Hindi/English Captions]

Cpanel – Disk Usage Warning & Inodes Problem |How to Reduce or Control [Urdu/Hindi/English Captions]

i/o on shared hosting

Assalam-O-Aleikum and Welcome to Tech Urdu, What is an Inode? An Inode is a data structure used to store the metadata of a file. The number of inodes indicates the number of files and folders you have under your hosting account.

All the shared hosting service providers maintain these limits in order to avoid disk abuse as having a large number of files on the system causes IO issues resulting in slowness for all the sites on the server.

What are Inodes Limits?
The implemented inodes limits are:

Soft limit (150,000)
If your inode count is 150K, your account will be removed from automatic weekly backups.

Hard limit (250,000)
When the inode count reaches 250K, no further files can be added to the account.

If your hosting account usage is normal, you will not need to check the inodes limit, however, if your account is creating a large number of files automatically sprouting thousands of files within a day then you may hit the inode limit and may require to clean or properly configure your account.

In this video, we’ll talk about how you can reduce or Control Inodes. Also, you’ll know how to control and manage your Cpanel Disk Usage.

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29 thoughts on “Cpanel – Disk Usage Warning & Inodes Problem |How to Reduce or Control [Urdu/Hindi/English Captions]

  1. brother i have disk usage problem(144.39 MB / 1 MB (14,439.06%). i apply methods of temp and cache but i dont know how i can solve this. i want to talk with you plz give me your contact number. waiting for reply.

  2. Sir can u plz reply me i got these msg for my mail – Hello Valued Customer,
    This mail is to inform you that your site with the username has utilised over 50% of its daily resource limits.
    This limit is reset every day.
    The resources that your site has used over 50% on is :
    cpu warning
    You can log into your cpanel with the username and in here click on 'Account Statistics' in here there are graphs that show your daily resource usage.
    The free plan is a great place to get your site online and making profit, however it does have limited resources available to it, you would need to optimize your script(s) to reduce usage,  OR upgrade to a premium plan.
    Premium plans have a MUCH higher resource allocation, along with the cPanel panel unlimited disk space, and much much more.  For more information please
    Once the premium hosting account has been purchased please create a support ticket asking for your free hosting account to be migrated to the premium hosting account and we will do the rest.

  3. Asslamualaikum, I am aurangzeb khan. I am new in this field. actually i am lecturer in English and I have made a website recently. I need your wise advice in some technical issues. Your method of instructing is wonderful. that is why I want your advice. could you help me please?

  4. My inodes are keep increasing every day even I deleted the cache and removed cache from my prestashop .Can you please help me to stop this continue daily increasing limit of inodes in mysiteground hosting.

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