Cloudways Review & Complete Setup Tutorial - The Best Cloud Web Hosting in 2020!?

Cloudways Review & Complete Setup Tutorial – The Best Cloud Web Hosting in 2020!?

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Here’s my honest experience with Cloudways and I’ll show you how to install WordPress, migrate an existing website & take it live. Then we’ll learn how to setup your email with rackspace & connect to Gmail. Free Trial: (Coupon: HOGAN for 10% off for 3 months) – no CC required

In my opinion, Cloudways is one of the Best Value Cloud Hosting Platforms (starts from $10+/month), Speed is great and also the amount of data centers (60+) to choose from is amazing. Add Unlimited websites too!

is currently using Vultr High Frequency (

And if you don’t like Google Cloud, you can go with AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean or Vultr.

So there’s no reason not to give it a go for yourself since it’s FREE for 3 days. The only downsides is you need to configure the email (but I show you how to do it in the tutorial) and you need to get domain elsewhere (I show you how to connect it too).

This is perfect for people who want to upgrade from shared hosting to cloud hosting. If it is your first website, then I’d still recommend SiteGround –


Introduction 00:01
Overview 00:28
Set Up Cloudways 03:34
Cloudways Benefits 05:21
Server and Application 08:10
Increase Upload Size/Update PHP 09:39
Migrate Website 12:08
Take the Website Live 16:19
Change Name Servers 16:58
Make Website Secure 19:26
Set Up Email on Rackspace 20:13
Set Up Rackspace on Email Clients (Gmail) 21:24
Email Forwarding 24:12
Conclusion 27:30

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21 thoughts on “Cloudways Review & Complete Setup Tutorial – The Best Cloud Web Hosting in 2020!?

  1. What is the true cost of this hosting? I see that it has some sort of 0.0124 per hour charge or something like that. What does that mean?

    Also, your guide is super helpful. Thank you for this.

  2. Thank you man! It was one the best tutorial about cloudways ans emailing, what do you suggest for email marketing for those who has cloudways as a hosting provider and use wordpress? Elastic email or mailchimp?

  3. Excellent tutorial Hogan! Clear and easy to follow. I noticed when you went to install SSL Certificate it requested 2 email addresses below! Can they my your gmails or do they have to be from the domain?

  4. Excellent and clear, well done. Quick question, when you set up the Primary Domain name, what is the relevance of that if you plan on importing several websites with different domains?

  5. very nice review and instruction

    to use Rackspace, this is the email for the entire-server, correct?
    so, one website per server to use Rackspace? is this correct?

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