BlueHost WordPress Tutorial 2021 [Step by Step Follow Along]

BlueHost WordPress Tutorial 2021 [Step by Step Follow Along]

upgrade bluehost plan

Elementor Tutorial:


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Very easy to make a wordpress site with BlueHost
Cheap, no coding,

What is WordPress, hosting, and themes?

Fake out for another discount

Email verification
Create password
Skip stuff and go to bluehost account

Go to wordpress!

Import a complete website (Astra options)

Permalinks in settings
Website title

Delete other plugins

Create new post
Create new page

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35 thoughts on “BlueHost WordPress Tutorial 2021 [Step by Step Follow Along]

  1. one of the first steps was to verify the email, but I didn't see how to do it. you mention something about clicking a green button. can you give more info on that plz?

  2. This guy is highly intelligent, unfortunately he assumes that everyone knows the meaning of all technical lingo and that everyone can keep up when they are attempting to understand the concepts….s l o w d o w n….you will have more views if you do…it will help expand your audience if you leave this one for those who are more advanced but make another one that comes in like 5 videos that covers the same subject.

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!! Where have you been the last 6-8 years?? I've been working websites for years now – recently with elementor/wordpress. I have gone straight crazy from trying to work the wordpress themes with elementor. You are a Godsend! Straight to the point – quick and easy! I like you! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK!

  4. I love the tutorial, it's easy to follow along and build my website, but when I get to the Envato part, I don't have access to it. A message pops up: "Sorry there was an error loading this data." It doesn't matter how many times I refresh the page or reinstall the plug in.

  5. The domain isn’t free. It’s a trick. You are paying for it. Otherwise when getting a refund you would get everything you paid. Instead they say, we don’t refund the domain. If the domain is free then why are you saying you don’t refund for domain?

  6. Someone please help me, I had to reset my wordpress site because I wanted to start fresh, I downloaded the wpreset and reset my website to start brand new. Now I don't see the Bluehost tab on WordPress at all and I don't see anywhere to launch my website. I 'm about to freak out over this

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