Best WordPress Web Hosting | An Honest Comparison

Best WordPress Web Hosting | An Honest Comparison

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I went on a mission to find the best WordPress web hosting, or web hosting for any type of website! In this honest comparison, I looked at seven different hosting companies to find the best one for you!


Updated hosting comparison:

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46 thoughts on “Best WordPress Web Hosting | An Honest Comparison

  1. Information about site ground super outdated. All the issues you talked about are resolved and here in Australia its perfect as they have servers here and bluehost is very poor performance as its in America and stuff

  2. Hi You did say that daily back-ups are so important to you, and Namecheap doesn't do them, but you said you have been with them for years, so did you compromise the back-ups?

  3. The reason I discard both Siteground and Dreamhost is probably different from others, I heard that Shopify shut down peoples' stores without warning simply out of political correctness, that immediately drove me away from the hosting services they recommend.

  4. Well crafted ad for Hostinger. Unfortunately all bull. Hostinger is the worst. They are cheap but you need to pay more for anything to work. In other words they are scammers. The support services like to give you the run around until you give up because they just want you to go away. You shouldn’t recommend someone because they pay you to. I urge everyone to use someone else. You’ll be glad you did. These tests he’s doing are bullshit to convince to buy these services. Like I said don’t. They can’t even keep track of your username and password. You’ll find yourself not having access to your account for no reason and reset password service is they might get back to you. No automatic reset email. Stay away from these people.

    This reviewer minimizes the bad stuff that he can’t avoid by treating as unimportant. I hope he gets good payback for his bogus review.

  5. Your so honest and have reasons to back up your claims. A previous video I watch recommended that siteguard and didn't even mention Namecheap about which I was already aware of.

  6. While most people go with big companies when it comes to web hosting, I tried once an underrated web hosting company called and that was it! Their prices seem too good to be true and their technical support is amazing, now whenever I look for a web host I look no further than Highly recommended! 🙂

  7. From other videos I have heard site ground is one of the fastest hosts and have very good customer service as well as prices so this video left me confused don’t know who to believe

  8. I'm having a problem. I created a website that I really like on I bought my Domain name from and then I purchased my host from Bluehost. This is my first time doing this so I'm not sure how to put this all together…It seems like Bluehost wants me to create another website using their templates, and I just want to upload my pre-existing website. Is what I'm trying to do possible? Thank You.

  9. Each of us has tried several hostings, at least I have tried several, but I like @t – Why? 1. No hidden terms. 2. No hidden fees. all delivered on time and fast, also 24/7 real support. I'm also happy with performance my blog has 700-1200 Daily reads so all is working smooth and is up to date, also the UP for me is 11 months without problems. No hidden what is promised, that is delivered.

  10. I just use the Updraft Plus backup plugin for WordPress, which is free and you can set how often you want the backups to automatically get emailed to you. Sure, it's a bit of a hassle saving the file from my email to my computer, but you get what you pay for! 😀

  11. Bluehost tries to hustle you to buy add ons. support can be shady with responses. Backups? That is why they call it Namecheap. Forgot Hostgator scams and a nightmare. I don't want to worry about things so I have and Namecheap. So far so good.

  12. Nice CM..except you didnt describe NameCheap's Customer Service ( you were focused on their lack of backup lol)..for a newbie its right up there w/ ease of use..thanks!

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