Best Web Hosting For Wordpress 2020

Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

best shared hosting services

I FULLY Test Every Web Hosting Company and share the pros and cons for each here are my Results! Want the best web hosting for WordPress?







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In this video, I will introduce different web hosting sites and their advantages and disadvantages. This will help you determine which one is the best for your website.

Pros – It is recommended by WordPress and easy to set up. They provide fast and reliable service. Most importantly, they provide a free SSL Certificate.
Cons – It is not the cheapest option out there. Their data plan also comes with a limit when it comes to how much you can upload on the server.

Pros – It is also recommended by WordPress. They are one of the most popular hosting sites because they pay a high affiliate commission.
Cons – It is a bit overpriced.

Cons – They are overpriced and there are no improvements in their product. It is fine for buying domain names only.

A2 Hosting
Pros – They have one of the fastest server times. Their price is also pretty decent.
Cons – They are not the most reliable among all these companies.

Pros – This is a very popular hosting company. This is owned by the same parent company that owns Bluehost and they have similar features.
Cons – Unlike Bluehost, it is not recommended by WordPress.

WP Engine
Pros – They are one of the fastest and most reliable hosting sites. They also provide the best customer support.
Cons – It is 10x more expensive than the other companies.

Cons – Their Uptime and Seed is mediocre. They are also expensive.

Pros – One of the cheapest hosting sites out there. It is a great option for those with tight budgets.
Cons – You get what you pay for.

Pros – It is also recommended by WordPress like SiteGround and Bluehost.
Cons – It is more expensive than SiteGround and Bluehost with no added features.


Tools I recommend:
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  2. I have been trying to sign up with siteground but it`s telling me that their services are not available in my country. Does it mean that not all the countries can use siteground?
    pls help me out on this.

  3. Thanks for these suggestions I'll check them for sure. Btw I found out about Namecheap hosting and checked their wordpress hosting plans but they didn't have any specific plan that says wordpress ecommerce hosting/woocommerce hosting, they just have plans for wordpress hosting. Is this for static WB websites or will it work for online stores? I'm new to this and still researching.

  4. I don't know what to say Travis Marziani. You are the best. You were honest on the reviews unlike other youtubers not going to name them. Those other youtubers only went in for the commission and keep saying those web hostings are the best but it's actually the worst…one of them is cough hostinger is horrible… Keep up the great work! I subscribed.

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  6. Siteground burnt me twice . On the initial setup and migrate from GoDaddy to Siteground they promised to migrate all my sites over for me. They lied and only migrated one site and then charged me $30 per site for the remaining 5 sites. I just received my second-year invoice with an increase from the first year $226 per year to a whopping $476 per year , Holy Shit !.

  7. I’m trying to build a website for my small business. Do I just need to buy domain, have site ground host it, and within site ground I. An download WordPress and that’s all I’ll need to go online and build my own website?

  8. What hosting do you suggest for uploading music? I'm a music producer for tv and film, and I'm searching for the most reliable to showcase my music to music supervisors of sync libraries.

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