Best Web Hosting for Beginners: Comparison of 4 Top Providers from Cheap & Reliable to Blazing Fast

Best Web Hosting for Beginners: Comparison of 4 Top Providers from Cheap & Reliable to Blazing Fast

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If you are a beginner, choose one of the four best web hosting companies now to launch your first website!

HostGator –
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Bluehost –

SiteGround –

Kinsta –

Let’s compare the starter level package at each company along with the main benefits of each, ranging from cheap web hosting to the fastest download speeds for your WordPress website.

Cheap hosting is the best choice for beginners since your number one goal is to get online quickly. The nice thing about using WordPress to build your website is you can easily transfer between hosting companies if you ever need to upgrade or simply want to try a different platform.

HostGator is the top option if you’re looking for the most affordable price. They’ve been my company of choice for over 11 years now, and they’ve done a great job handling dozens of websites in that period!

WordPress officially recommends BlueHost & SiteGround as reliable options that you cannot go wrong with.

For slightly advanced performance, SiteGround & Kinsta put a premium on their underlying technology to give you one step above the cheapest shared hosting packages.

SiteGround is the more affordable of the two, and they recently upgraded their systems over to Google Cloud for better speeds.

Kinsta costs the most of all these website hosting companies, and that’s because they solely focus on building their hosting experience around WordPress!

On all the other platforms, you can set up any type of website that you’d like, but with Kinsta, it’s specifically for managed WordPress hosting.

Kinsta is now hosting several of my personal blogs that get traffic around the globe!

If you’d like to learn a bit more on how web hosting works, check out this tutorial for beginners:

Don’t overthink this basic decision because it will not make or break the success of your website. Choose between these four best web hosting companies and start building.

Use the chapters to follow along:

Intro – 00:00
Web hosting setup – 01:22
HostGator review – 02:40
Bluehost review – 05:06
SiteGround review – 06:34
Kinsta review – 07:29
Now take action – 10:31

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