Best Web Hosting 2015

Best Web Hosting 2015

top 10 shared hosting

I set out on a mission to find the best bang for your buck web hosting available today, and I found the answer – SiteGround!

Not only does SiteGround have the best price to performance ratio that I was able to find, but they offer the following advantages:

– Incredible Customer Service
– Free website transfer!!!!
– Free SSL certificate (first year)
– Caching plug-ins specific to WordPress and Joomla
– Free CDN services

Step-by-step SiteGround sign-up guide:

Sign up for SiteGround right now:

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20 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting 2015

  1. As of my experience Cloudways is the best web hosting provider 2016. The best thing about Cloudways is that they offer managed cloud hosting services and it’s comparatively easier to launch and manage. Other useful features offered by them include user friendly easy to use console, unlimited storage, managed security with backups, 24/7 customer support, etc

  2. Just reached out to their support with some questions…
    And i actualy was blown away by how friendly and helpful they were….
    Gonna buy my plan right now, and gonna use your referal…
    Anyway thank you for the video.

    Looks like an amazing hosting service.
    Will see how it goes. 🙂

  3. When i go to order a plan it tells me that i have to pay 71 euro bill. Why should i pay that? i only thought i had to pay for the plan and not bill that goes for 71 euro. Please respond if you know why or why i have to pay that much.

  4. Siteground look pretty good on paper, but the difficult thing with hosting is you can NEVER trust what the hosting provider tells you or what the reviews say. The bottom line is you only ever find out once you're signed up with them, and by then it's too late. Well ok so you can jump ship, but it's a bloody pain ! Just spoke to their customer service and enquired about hosting a few dozen videos but then using CDN to spread the load. Their answer was (and I paraphrase): "Well that's not going to work since shared isn't suitable for streaming" and so I aksed "Wouldn't the CDN spread the load", I mean isn't that the point of CDN, but siteground reckoned it wouldn't make that much difference and so I then asked if they are therefore suggesting virtual solutions to which they responded in the affirmative, to which I then asked about price increase and the answer was with wordpress support that would START at approximately double the cost of gogeek. That pretty much ended the conversation ! Now I'm something of a newby when it comes to using hosting, so if anyone out there thinks I've got unrealistic expectations I'd love to hear your feedback.
    Cheers !

  5. try this one out its the best.. from a tiny starter site $3.75/mo. to mass server box that can run a youtube netflix site for about $138/mo 10,000 gig transfer
    lots cool app installs node.js its really cool with arduino hook up
    get a real site you can expand with… with real analyzing tools… never let your site hang you upgrade… its why you need to monitor it…

    you can map ftp folder and grant it to others… no installs it has backups

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