9 thoughts on “Azure Shared Disk Overview and Demo

  1. Good video as always. To add, Shared Disks are fully GA now and I think the requirement to use a PPG is gone. You can do, but it seems to be optional now.

  2. My company sells a software solution that runs in Access. The program and user interface is in the front end and all databases are in a back end also in Access. Some of our clients with large database keep their data in SQL and use an ODBC connection. Many also share the databases with multiple users. In a local environment this has not been a problem. We have been moving some clients to Azure but sharing a database has not really been possible. (We tried using a mapped drive on a Storage Blob but the performance was horrible.) My question is will Azure Share Disk work in this situation where i have two or three VMs with the front end Access program on each VM with the shared backend database (still in Access) on the Azure Shared Drive?

  3. We dont have words to express our gratitude sir ! Great job ! great Sir. Thank you very much. Unique video sir.

    Sir Please if possible can you also lets know with load balancer -earlier model for FCI. Thank you

  4. Great video John really loving these Azure videos! Quick question for your domain join are you using iaas dcs? Or aadds or just VPN gw back to your on prem?

  5. Hi John, Excellent explanations. I do have a question though. You didn't cover disk encryption for this shared disk. With 2 machines accessing it at the same time, how would this work?

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