20 thoughts on “Azure Files Tutorial | Easy file shares in the cloud

  1. This is awesome Adam … I'm new to Azure Files (and MS Azure for that matter). We are looking to migrate an on-premise file server that has over 4 million files which totals about 4TB of data. It's the typical office share for about 200 users. Do you have any real-world experience as to performance? Since it's going over the Internet (versus LAN), are there speed issues when accessing large files (say a file larger than 20megs)?

    This was a great video, I really enjoyed watching it!

  2. Thanks Adam, it was a great learning on file shares. If possible can you please make a video on 2nd option as well where on-prem files will be syncing up with Azure file share (which needs installation of file sync agent at on-prem).

  3. Good vid although I don't know why you bothered standing up a new VM just to test? Any internet connected computer should be able to connect directly to the SMB share as long as firewall/permissions on the storage account allows it!

  4. Hey Adam

    One thing i haven't fully understood yet is the point of File Sync if you are going to implement it in a hybdrid or cloud only enviroment.
    For example
    – If i have onPrem servers, where costumers are running CAD Applications, why should i Sync over all data to cloud?
    I can see why, if we are talking about backup, but if so. Azure Backup should make more sence woudn't it?

  5. Its been so long since I watched one of your videos, it is always good to be back for more, thanks for the awesome contents, you are still the best Adam!

  6. Great video, Thanks! I setup a file share to use between two different VMS. I used an http: connection with a mapped drive. It was slow when using it with a an Access database. Is there a speed or latency difference between connecting with the Azure string or connecting using http:?

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