3 thoughts on “Automated TOS/CPU: Blocked! HostGator limited my website, I had extensive CPU usage! What to do now?

  1. I received the following email from hostgator today We have temporarily disabled "my site" because it was causing performance issues on the server. Generally, we attempt to resolve these issues without disabling sites; however, this site began to affect the performance for all users on the system. In this case, we acted to preserve the overall server stability. The report at the end of this ticket provides additional information about the site activity during this period.

    Please reply to this ticket with your public IP address (http://www.hostgator.com/ip) and we will enable HTTP access for you. This allows you to safely work on the website without causing additional disruptions. If your IP address changes often, simply let us know and we can provide you with password based access. Once you have evaluated and optimized the website, please reply to this email with a brief summary of your changes. Upon review, we can re-enable general access to the site. Could you please help me on this cause its the first time that happens to me. I send them emails but still cant acces my site
    Thanks you so much

  2. Why would anyone host with Hostgater? You can get a lot more for the same or less. Good advice for anyone on Hostgator but there are so many smaller hosts that offer a better service out there.

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