9 thoughts on “Add Multiple Websites to Your Hosting Account | GoDaddy | cPanel | 2018

  1. Hello, my developer is asking for Cpanel access, to add new website to Deluxe account, i deligated access in main account, but he cant still access the Cpanel, why do you think that is? what access should i give him just for uploading new website?

  2. Hello very helpful tutorials. I have an existing godaddy website which is under economy hosting(godaddy) and i want to move that website to my deluxe hosting(godaddy). Do you know how to do this? Appreciate your help/advice. Thanks!

  3. Help to understand please: you changed name servers of musictute, but you didn't show that you changed IP address in {manage DNS} section. Did you actually change it? I mean, Did you add IP Address and Host name and TTL? kindly let me know please. If you did, then, tell me: what did you write in Host name? is it '@' sign? and How many seconds did you put in TTL? because in hostgator TTL minimum requirement is showing 7200

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