☑️ #6 Web Hosting Cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated vs Shared Hosting?

️ #6 Web Hosting Cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated vs Shared Hosting?

shared hosting vs dedicated

#6 Web Hosting Cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated vs Shared Hosting?

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So in Cloud Hosting, the website is hosted on a virtual partition of a server, and it draws its resources from a pool of unified computing resources. Now, what does this mean is that your website would be acting as a virtual server and the resources like CPU, Ram would be drawn from a pool of resources as you can see in this diagram.

In the case of a virtual private server, the website is hosted on a virtual partition of a server from one physical server. Now this is very much similar to something called if you have heard about VMware or
VirtualBox now what happens is that for example in my laptop if I install this software called VMware or VirtualBox. Using this software, I can create a virtual partition of my machine and that partition would be running independently of my main machine. So, here as you can see in this diagram, one machine is divided into multiple virtual partitions or virtual servers, and then those partitions are allocated to a website.

In dedicated hosting, the website is hosted on a single physical server dedicated to your own personal use, and there is no kind of sharing of resources here. So, it’s similar to like I purchase a laptop and then complete laptop is actually using the website.

In case of shared hosting, the website is hosted on the server which shares a common pool of resources like RAM, CPU, disk space etc. with all the other websites. So, it’s like for example, I give my laptop to someone and then in that particular same laptop thousands of people are hosting their website. Of course, the laptop will be a very high configured laptop. So, that’s why the shared hosting is not that good but performance stuff actually. Furthermore, in cloud hosting it’s very cost effective because we are only paying for what we are using not like that before you have to pay complete and then you are using the services.

In the virtual private server, it’s like much more affordable than dedicated hosting, though it were still pretty expensive and dedicated hosting as we know it would be costly because complete resources given to you and there is no kind of sharing.

The shared hosting is the cheapest but I do believe actually cloud VPS is also pretty much cheap because we are only paying what we are using, not like in shared hosting that we will only give us a discount if we purchase a shared hosting for like maybe two years, three years like that. In cloud hosting, it is like complete full root access is given and performance is pretty good as per the configuration that we are going to choose, and it’s same for virtual private server and the best performance we will always get in the dedicated hosting.

Of course, the shared hosting because multiple people are hosting their website in one particular machine it may have a lack of server control and the performance would be not that great if your website is getting a lot of traffic.

Now some of the typical examples of Cloud VPS are DigitalOcean and Vultr, and for a virtual private server, we can use GoDaddy and Bluehost. For dedicated again we have other options like Vultr, GoDaddy, Bluehost, SiteGround and for shared also we have GoDaddy, Bluehost, SiteGround etc. So, these are the primary differences between the various type of hosting that are available. In our course, we are going to use Cloud VPS which is actually the most cost-effective and the best performing.

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  1. which hosting is cheap and best for a school management system ( back end admin panel for teachers, students, parents, attendance, homework, assignments, results, notification etc.) for 1000 students and 1000 parents

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