3rd Party Free Hosting: Netlify, Fast.io, Render & Vercel | CLOUD 2020

3rd Party Free Hosting: Netlify, , Render & Vercel | CLOUD 2020

100gb shared hosting

The 3rd-Party Free Hosting allows you to deploy your static Brizy sites and landing pages instantly with free SSL and hosting to any of these partnes: Vercel, Fast.io, Render or Netlify.
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Free hosting on Vercel:

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Brizy Cloud FREE means FREE: no costs ever. Free builder, free external popups and free subdomains. Unlimited websites and unlimited external popups. Get crackin’!

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10 thoughts on “3rd Party Free Hosting: Netlify, , Render & Vercel | CLOUD 2020

  1. Did I ever tell anyone how amazing Brizy is? Oh my! I'm saying it now! Brizy is the absolute best ev-r. Like, I love love love! Seriously.
    I pray for you guys everyday. May God make your dreams come true. You've made the job so easy for thousands who have discovered this awesome product. I've never been disappointed once with this page builder even though i use the free version. I keep discovering awesome things I can do with the free version so I can't wait to afford the lifetime version…

    One question though, how does brizy cloud work with WordPress? Possible?
    How do we integrate a payment solution?

  2. Unfortunately no matter is I try netlify or vercel (did not tried others) I'm getting "Failed to connect to Brizy Cloud" and wizard on brizy side despite site is added on netlify or vercel.. is not seeing this. ad. same on render. Conclusion.. not working.

  3. I want to try this, seems fantastic but how to take my already existing website done with Brizy theme, in WordPress and on another hosting platform to a new Brizycloud account?

  4. Wow…more amazing options…had a quick look at the providers and one stands out at being the best documented up front. Now I need to understand how to use GitLab etc…never had a need to use it. A future discussion could be what you can't do with this framework…as you said…sounds too good to be true !

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