2020 - How to install Free SSL certificate for godaddy Wordpress website and Shared hosting

2020 – How to install Free SSL certificate for godaddy WordPress website and Shared hosting

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Learn how to create a free ssl certificate from zerossl and sslforfree.com and upload it on godaddy shared hosting cpanel. Godaddy do not offer free lets encrypt ssl certificate.

With this method you can use free certificate for your wordpress website and make sure connection between your visitor browser and your server remain secure.

If you have any questions. Post in the comments or email me directly for quick replies – [email protected]

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26 thoughts on “2020 – How to install Free SSL certificate for godaddy WordPress website and Shared hosting

  1. did'nt get result. got Note: You don’t have a dedicated IP address. Browsers that were released before 2013 may not support SNI. Because of this, users may see false security warnings when they visit your SSL-secured websites.
    Please help me to solve this.

  2. Thanks so much! Here is the best solution if not able to get the website live and not able to login to WordPress via wp-login.php. Exactly what you have said, I called Godaddy and they ask me to pay for the SSL and get it live which asking for $400 to upgrade……

  3. Thanks sir ,
    I am not getting word to thank you. I am learning to do website, by updating some plugins or something I was not able to access WordPress also
    It was showing "your connection is not private" . Your video helped me a lot to fix it thanks once again.

  4. Hi, is there any issue with the uploaded file, as I have done everything according to your video, and I get a message "We were unable to verify your uploaded file..". All folders and their names are crated as described on your video. Thanks

  5. I make a folder and after verification but did not verify File not found (404 error)

    If you think what you're looking for should be here, please contact the site owner.

  6. Followed all of your instructions, but my site is still pulling up an unsecure site notification. I am using firefox. Do I not do anything with the CA_bundle that comes witht he zipfolder?

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