15.2: What is NPM? - Twitter Bot Tutorial

15.2: What is NPM? – Twitter Bot Tutorial

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This video covers the basics of npm (node package manager). What is node package manager? What are some basic commands like “init” and “install”? How do you use a Twitter package.

If you run into an issue with “access denied” you can try “sudo”, i.e. “sudo npm install twit –save”

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43 thoughts on “15.2: What is NPM? – Twitter Bot Tutorial

  1. Mine just keeps saying it created a lock file and when i look in the folder it shows a package-lock.json file and no new folders were created. When i open the file it has a huge list of things, way longer than what you have. Granted i tried to use a different thing from Twit but i wanted to do some other functionality, namely this here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/get-twitter-followers

    What did i do wrong?

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