10 Reasons Why Shared Web Hosting Isn't Really Unlimited

10 Reasons Why Shared Web Hosting Isn't Really Unlimited

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Find out if unlimited or shared web hosting is the right choice for your websites in this video that discusses the limitations to this type of website hosting plan. We dive deep into the unlimited and acceptable use policies of DreamHost, Namecheap, and BlueHost to reveal that the promise of infinite storage space, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and multiple websites is not quite what you think.

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5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Shared Web Hosting Isn't Really Unlimited

  1. Another great video Tony. My last "unlimited" account advertised lots of easy-install scripts, such OwnCloud, i.e Softaculous. I installed and tested OC by uploading a 50kb photo. My IP was blacklisted and I couldn't access my sites, except through a VPN (which not everyone would know). I only got de-blacklisted 4 hours later after a long conversation with support where I was berated for breaking the T&Cs. My reply each time was why "why do you supply easy-install for apps that break your T&Cs". I cancelled my unlimited (and expensive managed VPS) services and got a self manage VPS server. Long live the revolution!!!! Charlie

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