003: How to Deploy Your Rails App

003: How to Deploy Your Rails App

ruby on rails shared hosting

In this video I show you how to deploy your Rails application and get it live on the web!

I use week 11 of my 12 in 12 challenge, the notenote application, as an example.

In this tutorial, we deploy our application to Ninefold.

Ninefold is Rails only hosting provider that is a nice compromise between ease of deployment and management and costs (Note: Ninefold is a bit cheaper than Heroku).

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37 thoughts on “003: How to Deploy Your Rails App

  1. Just wasted 9 minutes because for some completely unknown reason you left this video here even though the subject of the video has been inapplicable for three years.

  2. hi when I type bundle install in my terminal, the terminal showed these messages:

    'An error occurred while installing pg (0.19.0), and Bundler cannot
    Make sure that `gem install pg -v '0.19.0'` succeeds before bundling.'

    could you help me?

  3. hello sir love your tutorials. I need a help regarding the deployment of rails application via cpanel which is a shared host and does not support ssh. But its possible to host the site there. It will be a great help if you can make a video on how to host it the way. Thank you.

  4. Hi mackenzie, when i type "ninefold console" i got this error: "ERROR: couldn't locate the public key file: /home/thor/.ssh/id_rsa.pub". How can i fix it? Thanks 🙂

  5. just looked on ninefold site. If I have 300 users.If I have 400 users. I could be charged 800 dollars a month?!! deploying rails isn't really for the small just getting started entrepreneur is it?

  6. thanks Mackenzie, this is super useful. i have small question, i'm new to rails, but i like know how to deploy app to the cpanel enable vps. because i saw there is rails app generator on script generator section. so can you help me with that. 

  7. thank you Mackenzie!  I always think you have a linux guru to be able to deploy a rails app – sadly its not something many people teach you during app building tutorials. And when they do it's always heroku either way t's nice to see something different even though it's similar to Heroku. You is going places 😀

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